Piston / sleeve resizing
We take your worn out piston and sleeve with little or no compression and we clean and Resize the piston/sleeve. You will have restored compression with a top quality 3 stage "factory" taper. That will add gallons of life to your engine and restore lost power and tuneability. Our tooling is top quality in the industry and gives the best, most accurate results possible.

We resize .12 to .30 engine only.
Computer controlled Engine Break-in service
First we  clean the engine internals and apply a break in lube to all internal moving parts to avoid a "dry" start and protect the engine components on initial start-up. We pre-heat the engine and heat cycle the engine for 100cc of fuel. Then we run an additional 400cc of fuel with our computer controlled program genlty breaking in the engine at different rpm's in a smooth transitional pattern. Our break in fuel has an additional lube package added to provide better lubrication and protection during the break in process. A total of 500cc of fuel will be run through the engine. this saves hours of your time and 500cc of fuel. Some engines will require more break in even after this service. But the hardest initial part of break in is done for you.
Bearing replacement for all .21 - .32 size engines......other sizes call for price

"pro" bearing replacement which includes front and inner Ceramic  bearings
and installation.
"sport" bearing replacement service, includes a high quality   steel front bearing,a ceramic  rear bearing and installation.
Head button reconditioning
If your head button has heavy carbon buildup and minor damage or pitting due to detonation, we can recondition it and remove carbon and pitting.(carbon buildup can have an impact on your engines performance by raising compression)
Crankshaft  fill
Whether your crankshaft silicone has come loose, fell out, or if you are looking for the extra performance and want your crank filled we can do it! We use Oem Spec Silicone that provides great performance and longetivity.  The silicone creates a "ramp" to smooth and guide airflow to the ports creating more power and quicker revs. also reducing crankcase volume to better "charge" the combustion chamber.
This fill is only for engines that already have a void in the crank where no drilling is required
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Engine Services
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Engine Services
We Service Asssociated, Alpha, Axe Rossi, Boss, Collari, Crono, Dynamite, Go Tech, GRP, Hot Bodies, HPI, Hyper, Jammin,JS, JP, Kyosho, LRP, Novarossi, Nova Mega, Nitro Star, Ninja, OS, Ofna Force Precirotate, Picco, Reedy, RB Concepts, Sportwerks, SH, Sirio, Traxxas, Trinity, Team Orion, TOP, Vega, Werks and XTM .21 engines and More!
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Engines & Accessories
Engine Modding
Crankshaft drill & fill
In this service we lighten and drill out the built in metal ramp in your crankshaft and fill it with OEM spec silicone filler. This reduces crankshaft weight by approx 10% meaning less rotating mass, quicker spool up time and higher revs. There is a reason why all the high end engines have it done. Now you can have it Done to any .12 to .32 crankshaft!
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Bearing choices
Piston sleeve lapping
Piston sleeve lapping reduces break in time by approx 60% and reduces  stress on the engines crank and rod during the break in process  by  reducing the tightness of the piston/sleeve fit.   This is very helpful on very tight engines like Novarossi, Alpha , Arrow and other brands. It is  also helpful  for racers who do not have the time to waste with a very long break in.  (complete engine can be sent in or just piston/sleeve/rod)
Alpha Buku case Mod
Alpha crankcases have a odd shape making them not work well with the Buku caps. So this service we CNC machine the Alpha case like the Novarossi to give a flat uniform surface which hold the #3100 Buku Novarossi caps on perfectly.
HB extended engine mount