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If your engine is  getting low on compression, but is in good shape with no damage, then a piston sleeve resize will bring your engine back to life!   We can Resize  and rebuild  .12 to .30 engines. Including the Traxxas 2.5 and 3.3 engines.

Not all rc engine resize, pinch services are the same. We take pride in offering the best quality possible on our piston/sleeve resizing, head button and bearing replacement services.We use the highest quality Tooling available. So rebuild your engine for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one and enjoy gallons more racing out of it. RCRenew is  the only true  professional RC engine shop with full machine and cnc capabilties 5 days a week!

Dont trash it Renew it!!
We Service Asssociated, Alpha,Argus, Axe Rossi, Boss, Collari, Crono, Dynamite, Go Tech, GRP, Hot Bodies, HPI, Hyper, Jammin,JS, JP, Kyosho, LRP, Novarossi, Nova Mega, Nitro Star, Ninja, OS, Ofna Force Precirotate, Picco, Reedy, RB Concepts, Sportwerks, SH, Sirio, Traxxas, Trinity, Team Orion, TOP, Vega, Werks and XTM .21 engines and More!
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Engine Modding

  Professional engine services by a professional engine designer / builder. Whether engine Modifying, rebuilding, maintenance or break in's we've got you covered.

Business hours M-F 9 to 5 eastern time
Rc car,boat  and plane engine Mods
Dyno tuned and tested RC engine  modifications
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Break in

  RCR oil bath break in service  ( OBBIS )
D3 and D5  engines

Due to th ecomplex nature of the hobby and services provided no returns are accepted on items or services and NItro engines do not come with any warranty.
Tamiya Hop up parts
International buyers are responsible for any import taxes or fees
International buyers are responsible for any import taxes or fees
We recommend Sidewinder red or blue RC car fuel!  Click on pic to buy
Red offers more protection. Blue offer slightly more performance.
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