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We Service Asssociated, Alpha,Argus, Axe Rossi, Boss, Collari, Crono, Dynamite, Go Tech, GRP, Hot Bodies, HPI, Hyper, Jammin,JS, JP, Kyosho, LRP, Novarossi, Nova Mega, Nitro Star, Ninja, OS, Ofna Force Precirotate, Picco, Reedy, RB Concepts, Sportwerks, SH, Sirio, Traxxas, Trinity, Team Orion, TOP, Vega, Werks and XTM .21 engines and More!
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RCRenew Duo double barrel carburetor venturi
Break in

D3 and D5  engines
Our Patented design is revolutionary in gaining throttle response, fuel economy and overall power in RC racing engines.
Developed for 1/8 scale off road and on road racing to provide better mileage and power by utilizing a dual chamber design.
Similar to a double barrel carburetor in a car when the throttle is open only a 1/4 of the way it is only using a small side of venturi
which creates more turbulence and intake charge velocity. But when you need all the power its is there, wide open throttle uses
the entire venturi and both chambers so no loss of power.

FIts all .21 sized RC car engines

Tamiya Hop up parts
Patent Pending
Patent Pending
Use in 3 different positions to provide fine tuned results