Q: How do I know if my piston and sleeve are renewable/resizable?
A: if your engine is in good shape and does not have  damage or deep scratches on the piston and sleeve then the piston and sleeve can  be renewed.

Frequently asked questions
Q: How do I break in my renewed piston and sleeve?
A: The tightness of a Renew is not quite as tight as a new piston and sleeve, so the break in will be faster. we as racers know there are many ways to break in an engine and many different opinions on what is the best way. We recommend breaking it in as you would with a new engine and per manufacturers instructions. What we do is idle heat cycle it for 2 tanks, then  run 4 tanks gently doing figure 8's on a flat area running rich and give it short 1/4 throttle pulls then release and repeat. but not so rich to where it is hard to keep running, rich enough to where there is lots of smoke and it wont quite be super punchy but it will move around without choking. We keep the temp while doing this right around 180-200 degrees. After those 6 tanks the engine should be free'd up to where there is only slight metal to metal felt at the very top of the piston travel. Then Race tune it and Go! may be ready a little sooner or later depending on temps,method, etc...

Q: How long does a  renewed piston and sleeve last?
A: As with a new engine how carefully and properly and engine is broke in will effect how long it lasts, as well as how the airfilter is maintained and how lean it is ran condition of bearings etc...Usually a renew will last from 3-5 gallons depending on the factors above.

Q: How do I know when my engine is in need of a renew/resize?
A:  If your engine compression is getting weak , the flywheel can be turned over easily without very much resistance.Especially when the engine is warmed up this is a sign that its time to replace or renew the piston/sleeve. Symptoms of a worn out piston/sleeve also  include, unsteady  idle,tuning is not consistant and engine runs good for a few minutes then starts stalling/flaming out and acting up These are all signs its time for a renew.

Q: What tightness Renew should I get? light or Medium?
A: A medium Renew is a bit closer to factory tightness. And will require a longer break in and will last a bit longer than a light Renew.  A good choice if your engines rod,bearings,crank etc... are in top shape. A light Renew will require less break in so it will be ready to race sooner than a medium Renew. Great choice if you want to be ready for a race as soon as possible. Also the light Renew is less stressful on engine componenets which is good if your engine components are showing wear but still in acceptable condition.

Q: What Brand engines can you Renew Resize?
A: We can service  all brands .12 - .32 engines: including  Associated , Alpha , Argus, Axe Rossi , Boss , Collari , Crono , Dynamite ,  Go Tech , GRP ,  Hpi , Hot Bodies , Hyper , Jammin , JP , JS , Kyosho , LRP , Novarossi , Nova Mega , Nitro star , Ninja , OS , Ofna Force , Precirotate , Picco , Reedy , Rex ,  RB Concepts , Sts , Sportwerks , Trinity , Top , SH , Sirio , Team Orion , Thiunder TIger , Vega , Werks  and Xtm. Let us know if you have a brand not listed as we can most likley service it as well.
Q: How do I know if i need my engine bearings replaced?
A: Your bearing will need replacing if they feel "gritty" and not perfectly smooth, if the front bearing is leaking excessivly, or there is side to side play. for example with the backplate off if you move the flywheel back and forth and your crankshaft is moving side to side. they are worn and need to be replaced.Bad bearing can also make your engine tune and run poorly. Most engines will need bearings at about 5 gallons of use.

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