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RCRenew  Lightweight low profile drag racing cooling heads
These heads are low profile and lightweight and designed specially for drag racing. What this means is lighter vehicle weight and lower center of gravity for faster speed and straight line stability.
Less weight means chassis will be lighter and quicker.

Also it provides less heat dissipation so the engine will get up to optimal temperature sooner than a regular head. Because drag racing is just short bursts engines don't get up to temp which can hurt performance. If an engine doesnt get up to a decent temp it will not produce optimal power!.

Dont run just a head button without a head! The head button is not strong enough without the cooling head and will distort when tightened. Head buttons were designed to NEED the head as strength.

We make 2 models black and blue and they fit all brands .21 to .32 RC car engines with a normal size head button up to 38mm in diameter. These will not fit the older PICCO or REDS that have the large 2 fined head buttons.

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D3 and D5  engines
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Blue head
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