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Traxxas Rustler Bandit aluminum chassis / wheelbase extension kit
Break in

D3 and D5  engines
Traxxas Rustler Bandit aluminum chassis wheelbase extension kits.
We offer 2 sizes ,  38mm and  80mm.

CNC machined billet aluminum this kit extends the chassis by 1.5" made
for drag racing to keep the chassis straight, front wheels on the ground and faster times.

Uses stock screws and we include the extra needed screws.

Other than that its an easy bolt in installation..

Tamiya Hop up parts
38mm kit
38mm kit
80mm kit
Choose length
Rear body mount sold below to use stock body

Traxxas Rustler Bandit rear body mount for chassis / wheelbase extension kit
Traxxas rustler drag racing chassis
Traxxas bandit drag racing chassis