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We Service Asssociated, Alpha,Argus, Axe Rossi, Boss, Collari, Crono, Dynamite, Go Tech, GRP, Hot Bodies, HPI, Hyper, Jammin,JS, JP, Kyosho, LRP, Novarossi, Nova Mega, Nitro Star, Ninja, OS, Ofna Force Precirotate, Picco, Reedy, RB Concepts, Sportwerks, SH, Sirio, Traxxas, Trinity, Team Orion, TOP, Vega, Werks and XTM .21 engines and More!
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RCRenew Werks Orion Sirio .21 Power Backplate
OuR Power backplate improves efficiency of the engine adding power and mileage using special air ports in the backplate to channel crankcase air fuel mixture.

Fits Werks , Orion and Sirio .21  engines  Comes with O-Ring.

Please measure before you order to make sure it fits your model.
Break in

D3 and D5  engines
Tamiya Hop up parts