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If you are sending multiple  piston & sleeve sets label or mark  each set.  Leave rod attached to piston please.
Please specify Medium or light tightness.
Not sure which one? Check our FAQ page of the site.
If you want insurance on return shipping ,be sure to add it to your order. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages if you do not choose to purchase insurance.
PIston  and SLeeve  sets:
Brand       Model      M or L tightness      sleeve polished Y/N
                                     If sending more than 3 sets just use another form

$20 each piston/sleeve renew Qty(    )x$20=________________________________________________

$15 each crank fill only Qty(    )x$15=______________________________________________________
insurance add $3.50 for each $100 worth of insurance(optional)________________
If you pay online return shipping is included with order. If paying cash contact us for
shipping cost to include.
Did you pay with paypal?  What date & name__________________________________________
If sending a engine in for any service you MUST remove the clutch assembly and engine mounts or there will be a extra $5 charge.
Rcrenew is not responsible for lost items in the mail. Items left for longer than 30 days will be considered abandoned and will be discarded.You may purchase shipping insurance for your items. As with all high performance nitro engines there is no warranty on the service or parts. Your business is greatly appreciated!
Signature_____________________________ Date____________
$20 each engine, bearing installation Qty(    )x$20=_________________________________________
        (Bearings not included)
$50 Steel bearing replacement Qty(    )x$50=___________________________________

$60 Ceramic bearing replacement Qty(    )x$60=_____________________________________
$5 each head button reconditioning Qty(    )x$5=____________________________________________
All old or replaced parts will  be thrown out unless other arrangements are requested on this form
Must have Ph or E-mail
  Engine Break-in service STD $50  or OBBIS $60 =________________________________________
$125 Engine  MOD  (please specify   race or Drag mod) QTY(   )  x$125 =_____________Model_______
$30 Crankshaft drill and fill(please specify model) QTY(   ) x$30=_____________________________
Send parts to:
8022 Providence Rd
STE 500 , #250
Charlotte NC 28277
$25 engine lapping service QTY(   )  x$25 =____________________________________________
Only payment thru our website and Cash  are accepted.
D3 and D5  engines